Susan Bell (from Bolton School)

Photo of Susan taken by my father, about 1964

Susan Bell was my girlfriend from early summer 1963 to some time in 1965. We were both at Bolton School. She lived in Lostock at Beechwood, Chorley New Road and her telephone number was Bolton 43776. She was my third girlfriend. The first was Susan Shaw, then Liz Evans (from Leigh) then Susan Bell. Two years is a long time at that age. I didn't really want us to split up but it seemed we had to after a party at the house of another Bolton School girl, Hilary Farrington. My mistake probably, but I never really knew how she felt about it. I wonder sometimes but it was a long time ago and we were young.

Doing the shake at the Saturday night dance. In the photo (left to right): Jim Wild, Susan Shaw, Susan Bell (from behind), Val Crowther, Alan Tetlow, Liz Evans. I was on the stage as part of The Citizens beat group: Clive Leyland, Tony 'Mo' Worsley, Pete Turbefield and me. This place was Woodlands, Bolton School Scout Headquarters on Chorley New Road about the year 1964 when The Beatles were rampant. My father took the photo. What he was doing there, I have no idea, but he liked taking photos.

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