Ray Lewis and the Trekkers

Ray Lewis and the Trekkers was a 1960s local 'pop group' ('band' nowadays), probably from Leyland in Lancashire. I saw them perform live a few times at dances around 1965 at Chorley Old Road Congregational Methodist Church in Bolton (known as the "Congy" or "Congie") and also at a Church hall where the 17th Bolton Scouts were, and still are, off Markland Hill Lane. It might have been 1964. I am not sure. Probably.

The dances were not actually in the church but this building next to it:

Chorley Old Road "Congy" (I think)

The Trekkers were three, not four: lead guitar, bass and drums, with no rhythm guitar. The bass player was the singer. They did the first half without Ray Lewis. He came on in the second half as the main singer. It struck me how good the three Trekkers were with no rhythm player. Perhaps because of it. Better even than when Ray Lewis came on. I have no information about the Trekkers. I would like names, photos, what they played, anything. If you have any of this, please let me know via the form below.

The Trekkers (photo added 9th March 2021)

The Trekkers (with Mike Hurst) at William Leyland's Pink Elephant Club in Aspull in 1968. L-R: Dave Hall, Mike Hurst, Bill Hart, Paul Nichol.

In the early 1960s, inspired by Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, the Beatles and the 'Liverpool Sound', just about anyone with three guitars, a drum kit and Vox AC30 amplifiers could start up a pop group. It was in buildings like this where these pop groups and crowds of young teenagers could get things going.

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Posted by Steve Nicol

My uncle Paul Nicol played bass. Dave Hall played guitar and a guy called Barry played drums. Paul and Dave ended up as a comedy duo called Long and Short. They worked with Ken Dodd at the Empire Theatre Liverpool. Also worked alongside Val Doonican and appeared in a film with Lulu called Gonks go Beat in the 60's.

Posted by Patrick

Thanks very much. Properly talented then. It is the bass player I remember particularly. So it's Paul Nichol. He played bass and sang at the same time. I thought the three of them were great. It was unusual to see just three instruments when it was normally four but it worked.

Posted by John Flynn

Drummer was called Barry Roberts. I drummed with The Jaguars and Sound 5. Preston was awash with good groups in the 60s.

Posted by Tom Slater

I was at a Ribbleton Hall school reunion yesterday evening. Barry's name was mentioned of his passing recently and about him being in a group called the Trekkers. Barry has three other brothers Ian, Neil, David and sister Anne. David still lives at the family home.

Barry and Bros and sister lived around the corner from me on Slaidburn Rd on the Moor Nook estate. Great days and good memories. Thanks for the posting and photo of the Trekkers. Really had to delve deep to remember Barry playing drums as he is 4-5 years older.

Posted by Tom Slater

I have recently visited Barry Roberts youngest brother David. After the school reunion, we had recently been informed Barry had passed away. I'm glad to say we were wrongly informed and he is with us, but suffering from parkinson disease. Once again my apologies to the family. It was nice to catch up on the old times.

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