Oil painter (2015 —). Previously architect, public sector manager, web designer, retailer, steel fabricator’s assistant, cleaner – more about Patrick Taylor »

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Random photos from boat trip across North Sea, 2010

There are many Patrick Taylors – I am just one of the probably hundreds that exist. You can read about me on ‘About Patrick’. If you think you know me (or knew me at one time) and would like to reminisce, feel free to get in touch.

By the way:

The British Parliament always trumps public referendums because the principle of parliamentary sovereignty means they are not constitutionally binding. So the 2016 referendum could never be an ‘instruction’ as such. The Conservative Party manifesto of 2017: “we need to deliver a smooth and orderly departure from the European Union” and “to negotiate a new deep and special partnership with the EU which will allow free trade between the UK and the EU’s member states.” If an ‘instruction’ exists it is to negotiate a free trade deal before leaving. The current Conservative government has no democratic mandate to leave without this deal.