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There are many Patrick Taylors. Many. I'm just one of probably hundreds in existence – and that's just on Earth because in the whole Universe there are trillions and quadrillions. You can read about the one here on 'About Patrick'. If you think you know me (or once did) and would like to reminisce, feel free to send me message by email and I will read it.


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When did I become superstitious?

I once believed the law of science and yielded to no other order of things. The night sky, the monstrous algebra of infinity made no mark on me except as a rule against which all other things are measured. A simple schoolboy I was. Now I am a man and I've acquired my demons. My talisman goes with me and the ruts and channels of my consciousness run with less prosaic beliefs, though nature runs there too.

I look for the signposts and I alter my course. It's nice to travel alone, no explanation, no compromise. Only I can see the signs, only I can read them.

Meanwhile (travelling alone) ...

Voyager 2 is a space probe launched by NASA on August 20, 1977. From beyond the heliosphere the signal from Voyager 2 is still beaming back, taking more than 16 hours to reach Earth. Its 22.4-watt transmitter has the same power as a fridge light. Its signal is more than a billion billion times dimmer when it reaches Nasa's 70-metre antenna. The probe will continue through space long after Earth is swallowed by the Sun.

Patrick doesn't like social media. His New Year resolution is say less – only half as much – and keep reducing it by half every year until it's just 1/1024 of what he said originally.

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