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This website is built with Qwwwik, a lightweight content management system that stores all the content in plain text files and not a database. Qwwwik is an even simpler manifestation of superMicro CMS which is already simple. I have been developing a "lightweight CMS" for my personal use since 2008, initially named 'Le CMS' then 'La Plume Micro CMS' then 'superMicro CMS', all based on the same principle of ease of use and simplicity of construction. All those systems are similar and are all built with PHP, a general-purpose scripting language especially suited to web development. WordPress and Facebook also use PHP.

Qwwwik is 'Qwwwik' because that's what it is: quick to install, quick to use and the pages load very quickly. The same applies to superMicro CMS and the previous systems but Qwwwik is about as simple as I can make it without losing some functionality as a modern website that is not just easy to build but nice to visit and good on mobiles (most of the visits to my websites are now made on mobile phones).

Search Google for "lightweight CMS" and lots of systems pop up: "stupidly" ones, "blazingly fast" ones, "flat file" ones etc and I have tried some. Perhaps they are clever and are all those things but none beats mine in practical use.


For more information see Qwwwik or superMicro CMS. They both work the same way. Qwwwik is just simpler.

Incidentally, I dropped 'La Plume Micro CMS' a few years ago, including the domain name 'mini-print.com' and someone in Spain subsequently bought the domain and stole all its content from the Wayback Machine. The thief's website doesn't work because he doesn't have the scripts. That website has has nothing to do with me now but there's isn't much I can do about it.

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