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Emma Hester Parker

Emma Hester Parker (née Curry) was my great grandmother and the wife of the Rev. Thomas Hughes Parker. She died on July 1st 1895 as a result of giving birth to Emmie Parker (my grandmother) on June 11th at 4 North Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire, in England. She was buried at Bourne town cemetery. Her gravestone records that she was 29 years old when she died.

Emma Parker's parents were James Edington and Hannah Emma Curry.

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Posted by John Leslie Curry

Dear Mr.Taylor, I was fascinated to read the article concerning *Emma Hester Parker and her mother. Her mother's father, James Edington Curry, was an elder brother to my Great Grandfather Edington Curry. Emma's writings about Hartlepool brought back many memories for me, for which I must thank you. The article mentions a Curry Family Tree. Would this by any chance be on-line anywhere, as I am sure I have many gaps in the Tree I have been endeavouring to draw up. Yours trully,

John Curry, Mississauga, Canada.

[*Edit by Patrick, March 2019 - I think he means Emma (known as Emmie) Parker whose mother was Emma Hester Parker]

Posted by Patrick

John, do you perhaps recognise this man as James Edington Curry? I have a much larger scan of this image, which I can provide to you if required. I think this is him. My father, Kenneth Taylor (90), has a variety of family trees he's produced on paper. I will ask him if he has one that might be of interest to you, especially the one you refer to.

Thank you for getting in touch. It's very nice to hear from a distant relative for the first time. Our common ancestors are the parents of James Edington Curry (my great great grandfather) and Edington Curry (your great grandfather), which means, according to this cousin chart that we are third cousins once removed.

My late grandmother wrote that her grandfather's father – our common ancestor but whose name I don't know – was a school master who died when his children were small.

Posted by John Curry

Dear Patrick, Many thanks for your swift reply to my posting. Our common ancestor was Ralph Curry, born ca.1798 in North Shields, His wife was Isabella Edington, also from North Shields, born 1804. Ralph died in 1841 in Hartlepool, where he was a sailmaker, not a schoolteacher. His wife took over the business till she died in 1861, when it passed to my Great Grandfather Edington, born 1841. Ralph had 10 children, 3 of whom died in infancy.

I would be delighted if you could send the larger Photo scan. The only photo I have of "old" Currys is a very small group photo of my Grandfather Ralph, but there does seem to be a family resemblance. Like most people I started my Tree far to late in life, when older relatives had passed away, so most information has come from the Net, and spending the last 40 years in Canada has certainly restricted my research. Thanks again for your swift reply, Yours, John Curry.

Posted by Patrick

John, thank you for the information about Ralph Curry. On my late grandmother's document, someone has handwritten 'school master' over what was faintly typed underneath, so it may well be that the original was 'sail maker'.

I've sent the Photo scan to you by email, and my Aunt is sending me a 'Curry Family Tree' which I'll email over as well.

Posted by Carolyn Beadle


I believe that the James Edington Curry you are referring to is my great great grandfather who was married to Hannah Emma Hester in 1848 Whitechapel, London. I understand he was also an artist and we have a painting of his as does another member of the family. I would love to have a photo scan of James Edington Curry. I could also scan and forward you a copy of his painting. I also have a number of unidentified pictures which I believe some are of the Curry/Hester family. If we could identify some of these that would be something!

I look forward to your reply.

Carolyn Beadle

Posted by Patrick

Hello Carolyn.

You may well be right. This James Edington Curry appears to be both your great great grandfather and mine, which makes us distant cousins, x-times removed, or nth cousin, or something? I'll have to work it out exactly, on a piece of paper.

I will try to find my scan of his picture and email it to you. I don't think it's a very clear image though. I'd love to see your pictures.

Posted by Margaret Connor


I was amazed to find your article about Emma Hester Parker and so I decided to contact you.

My grandmother was Isabella Edington Curry (a daughter of James and Hannah Curry) who was engaged to George Waite, who emigrated to New Zealand in 1881, and she followed out here to Dunedin in 1882. I have been doing some family research and would be thrilled to hear from you and share what information we have. I have some family photos and also a copy of the diary that Isabella kept on her trip out which she sent to her mother and it has been handed down through the eldest daughter.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Margaret Connor nee Waite

Posted by Carolyn Beadle

Hello Margaret

I would love to contact you regarding the Curry family. Would you be willing to share your email address with me?

Many thanks.


Posted by Rosalind Robinson

Hello everyone! John Curry in Canada has just been talking to me on the phone and told me to click on this site. This is amazing! My grandfather-Thomas Hindmarsh Curry- and John's grandfather Ralph were brothers. So we're all related. I live in Darlington-my mother was Lydia Curry. Strangely John and I were put in touch with each other due to an article concerning my Paternal great grandfather. It's been great catching up with him.

Would love to hear from any of you anytime. Best wishes to all for the New Year. Rosalind Robinson (nee Jones)

Posted by Alison Drake nee Maguire

Dear all, am amazed to read I have so much family researching the Curry family tree!!! Thomas Hindmarsh Curry is my 3rd Great Grandfather son of Ralph Curry and Isabella nee Edington and Thomas was father of Isabella Curry who married James Millen who then had Sarah Millen with Herbert Balding who then had my Nan Elfreda Balding!! I have a photo of Annie Woodifield who married Thomas H Curry and she is stood in a family wedding pic with her daughter Isabella and her Grandaughter Sarah Millen and her great Grandaughter Sheila (my nans sister) if that helps!! I would love to see old pics of any of the curry please!! I have been in touch with John Curry in Canada in this comment list via genesreunited and where I have extensive curry/hester family tree research as got as much photos and info from my nan before she sadly passed away in feb 2012 aged 94. She asked me to research the tree for her in 2005 and am continuing trying to trace as much family as I can. Wow its amazing we all seem to got back to Ralph and Isabella Curry sailmakers! Please feel free to contact me on ancestry or genereunited or here if you like and thanks so much for posting this article which I found when google search isabella curry sailmaker to try and get more info on her!! My pics are on ancestry site and I will endeavour to get all the certificates posted on there soon too. Best wishes to all the family am sure between us we can gain more info and photos of our ancestors , much love Alison xx

Posted by Pamela Devine

I know I'm late to the party, but came across this entry and felt I needed to say hi.

My 3x great grandfather was James Edington Curry. My connection to the group is via Sarah Edington Curry, his elder sister. I was born in South Africa and now live in Canada (just north of Toronto). Very cool to see how extensive this family is.

Posted by Patrick

To Pamela: thanks. I think our common ancestors are therefore the parents of James and Sarah, i.e. my 3x Great Grandparents (your 4x Great Grandparents) and we share 1/1024th of our genes. Perhaps 'John Curry in Canada' (see Alison Drake's comment above) is in your line somewhere and the Canadian John Leslie Curry who posted above in December 2008.

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