Charles Wauters

Charles Wauters, 1880-1951

Charles Wauters, 1880-1951

CHARLES WAUTERS [my Belgian grandfather] was an only child and was born in Liège in 1880, exactly 9 months after his parents' wedding. His father went to confession the day after the wedding night and produced no more children.

Charles married Jeanne Deru. His parents were Charles Nicolas Marie Fernand Wauters and Marie Victoire Léonie Philippine (née Bouvy). Fernand Wauters's parents were Jean Philippe Arsène Wauters and Victoire Hubertine Joséphine Rigo. Victoire Bouvy's parents were Alexandre Léopold Bouvy and Philippine Adrienne Sablon.

Charles's mother, Victoire

Victoire Wauters, died 1930

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