Sousse, Tunisia

Me and Sandra on a package holiday in 1976

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Sousse, Tunisia – me and Sandra on a package holiday in 1976

Photo by Françoise, my mother,
who came with us.

I forget the name of the hotel (Marhaba possibly). 1976 was when you could only take a fixed amount of money out of the country so Germans got served first in the hotel dining room. They walked in, gave the waiters loads of cash and we didn't, so we waited. It did not mean they got the best places on the beach however.

Exchange control regulations at the time meant that British travellers were allowed to take out of the United Kingdom up to £25 in sterling notes and up to £300 in foreign currency notes on each occasion they left the country. The waiters knew the British had no money because German guests probably told them. I'd have done the same in their place. Our waiter was called Nasseur, a very nice chap, as we eventually discovered. What you can't get with money can sometimes be got in other ways.

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