Julie Duckworth and Martin

Outside the Duckworths' house about 1960

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Photo by my father

Julie is a daughter of Beryl and Gordon Duckworth, friends of my parents from way back, with Eileen and Dennis Cheetham. That generation has now all died – I went to Beryl's funeral not very long ago. Beryl and Gordon's children are Andrew (died in 2014), Julie (in the picture), Neil (still a friend of Martin's), Helen and Quentin.

When I was growing up the Duckworths lived in Albert Road West in Bolton. Gordon ran the jewellers Prestons of Bolton. I think Beryl's family name was Preston. She was a good actress. Gordon always had fancy American cars in bright metallic colours fitting of a jeweller. They later moved to Old Kiln Lane near Stapleton Avenue where my parents lived. Every Christmas Day Beryl came to my parents' house to socialise for a pleasant hour or so. We didn't need cheering up but if we had, Beryl would have – even Martin.

Even wearing a top hat I was too young to convince them of anything.

When I was a conjurer I was the official conjurer at a childrens' party at the Duckworths' house on Old Kiln Lane but even wearing a top hat, I was too young to convince them of anything (and probably not very good).

Neil Duckworth, incidentally, went to see Eileen and Dennis Cheetham's daughter Carolyn in December 2023 after a gap of fifty years. Carolyn lives in Petworth and Neil in London I think.

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