Carolyn Cheetham

Abersoch Warren beach 1960s

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Photo by Kenneth Taylor

Carolyn is the daughter of Eileen and Dennis Cheetham who were friends of my parents. The Cheethams lived in New Hall Lane in Bolton then moved to Latham Road in Southport. I stayed there at least once when my parents were away. Me and Carolyn liked having pillow-fights (all in fun).

Dennis was a jazz expert and good at painting. Eileen was originally Maltese. Carolyn and I went to France together a couple of times to stay for a month with the Devaux family in a village called Airaines near to Amiens. Carolyn's 'pen friend' was Pascale Devaux and mine was her bother Robert. It was an exchange so Robert and Pascale came to Abersoch for a month to stay with my family and the Cheethams (alternate years). Not sure which years exactly but early 1960s up to perhaps 1963 or 64.

Carolyn with my mother somewhere.
(year and place unknown)

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