Camping in Loches, France

About 1993

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Camping in Loches, France about 1993

Left to right: Nick (laughing), Robert and Francis. I think my cousin Sally and her husband Jimmy got us started camping on the municipal camp site in Loches, although my parents had also been there. We liked it a lot and went back several times (each summer). It was nice being amongst French people instead of a load of 'Brits' in every other tent. The big municipal swimming pool was excellent and Loches itself very French with a good market and a château to go to for Son et Lumières or somewhere to walk during the day.

There's a pizzeria in Loches called Sforza Pizzeria. It is still there. If we went four times to Loches we went four times to Sforza and booked in advance each time. Each time I went in and booked it was the same chap, the owner, who stood behind the counter and took the booking. He asked what my name was and I said Taylor, and he said "Ah, comme Liz!" If we went to Loches four times he said "Ah, comme Liz!" four times. I didn't mind at all. In fact it was worth going to Sforza just to hear him say it.

Loches is in the Loire Valley and more or less right in the centre of the main French Châteaux region. Many years later Sandra and I stayed twice in a rented holiday house with a balcony overlooking the little river that runs past the camp site. It was a few doors down from Hôtel George Sand as it was then. The hotel is now Hôtel Le George. What a shame. No more wondering who George Sand was (I still don't know and don't want to). The house we rented was a beautiful little place but we had to stop going when the owners sold up and bought a bigger property near Chinon (nothing against Chinon).

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