For Ken when I die

A letter written in 1974 by my grandmother Emmie Taylor to my father Kenneth Taylor

My dear Ken.

I know that when I die as my executor and the eldest of the family you will have a lot to do, so I am making a few suggestions to try to make things easier. I should enlist the help of Mick and Margaret as far as possible.

To begin with send my body immediately to Hardman's to be dealt with. Arrange with Hardman's to do as much as possible of the funeral arrangements. This will cost more, but will save you trouble.

I would like a service at New Chapel and then be cremated. Get to know from Hardman's as early as possible the time convenient for the Crematorium, then get in touch with the Minister or Ministers. I should like Rev J. Vause and Rev H. Gibson to do the funeral. If both come they can arrange the service between them. Hymns "O Master let me walk with Thee" (my favourite) no. 553 in the Congregational Hymn Book, and "Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah" no. 500.

Nellie Kenwright would get you a Hymn Book to copy from.

I should also ask her to arrange for the Chapel to be opened in good time, to be there to see people to their seats, to get an organist, to give out the service sheets and hymn books w[h]ere required.

Rev J. Vause's address 51 Hordern Rd, Bamford, Rochdale. P.T.O.

Nellie will probably be able to get Mr Gibson's address from the Church Secretary. I do not know if either is on the phone.

I should like my ashes to be put in Uncle Harry's Garden of Remembrance next to Daddy's.

No mourning to make people miserable.

One lot of flowers on the coffin from the family. Otherwise no flowers, but donation to "The Save the Children Fund" (Bolton Branch) either to Hardman's or to Mrs Sheridan, Princess Rd.

If New Chapel should be closed when I die, I should get in touch with the Minister of St George's Rd, the Group Leader, but ask Nellie about this.

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