Patrick Taylor

About my prints

The pictures are not 'filtered' photographs but entirely and meticulously 'hand drawn', mostly with the mouse and what are known as Bezier Curves to create lines and blocks of colour that when stacked up become a recognisable image. Some take three days, some take a week, others might take a month depending on the complexity, but they are all done very carefully with curvy shapes that look attractively abtract when viewed very close up. Stand back and they all make sense as a whole.

As SVG images (Scalable Vector Graphics), they can theoretically be printed at any size without the loss of detail and definition that naturally occurs with enlarged photographs. I have chosen A2 size as a 'happy medium' for viewing from the far side of a room while at the same time not being over-facing from close up. With a minimum white border of 10mm it means the maximum image dimensions are about 575mm (long dimension) and 400mm (short dimension). Either way, they are all printed as big as possible on an A2 sheet.

All the prints are made at a minimum of 240 ppi (pixels per inch) on 230 gms Archival Matte print paper from Canon, Epson, Marrutt or Olmec. That is quite a stiff paper giving extremely rich colours. Any watermark shown on the website images is removed.

Framing recommendation is behind glass in simple white, black or wood frames with profiles about an inch wide and a white or close-to-white acid-free mount surround of two to four inches.


The original hand-drawn images are converted from their native sRGB colour space to Adobe RGB for richer colours and printed using a 11+1 pigment ink system for print longevity. Prints made using these inks can last without fading for approximately 200 years in a photo album and up to 60 years exposed to light.


All the images displayed for sale on this website are copyright, either (i) as 'fair use transformative works' (i.e. my copyright) of an original photograph whose separate copyright applies only to the photograph, or (ii) an image is not 'transformative' and I have reached an agreement with the copyright owner, or (iii) an image is new and was created entirely by me, or (iv) I own the copyright of a photograph on which an image is based. In all cases they must not be reproduced, either from this website or from a printed version. Thank you.

Page last modified: 26 June, 2021