Updating la.plume Micro CMS

Updating to a new version is simple. Follow these instructions:

Backup before updating

Backup existing pages, comments and images before updating. If your server supports ZIP archiving, admin backup provides a utility to ZIP the files for download to your hard drive. Otherwise they can be backed up by downloading them via FTP.

(1) Download

No longer available. Now superceded by superMicro CMS.

(2) Upload

Upload all the folders and files inside the /admin/ folder.

Upload all the folders and files inside the /inc/ folder.

Upload all the files inside the /css/ folder and /img/ folder.

Upload all the files located directly in the laplume root folder.

Important: do not upload the folders themselves because they contain other files already there on the website: the settings, menu, stylesheets, passwords etc, plus pages and images created so far.

If you have edited the .htaccess file, don't upload the new one.

(3) Setup

Go to and 'Submit setup' to complete the update.

(4) Files you may have previously edited

If you previously edited, for example, stylesheet.css or a language file, they will need to be kept as they were. They can simply be uploaded from backup to over-write the default ones (installed with the update) or even better, excluded from the update altogether. Either way should be easy.