The stylesheets

la.plume micro CMS is installed with five initial stylesheets:

When the system is first set up in 'setup' two more are created:

The active stylesheets are always stylesheet.css and mobile.css with print.css used only when printing a page. The stylesheet default.css is a minified version of stylesheet.css which is smaller in size and loads faster. Its use is optional. So is extra.css

The default styles in white.css and default.css are illustrated here »

Changing the styles

This can be done in two ways by opening the main admin page. Under Styles: is a drop-down list where any of the following can be selected and opened with Get styles:

Whichever stylesheet was selected can then be edited and saved with Update styles. If 'Current', 'Default' or 'White' were selected it will be saved as stylesheet.css — the main stylesheet. Editing and updating 'Extra' will only change extra.css — an optional additional stylesheet that can be used if required to add special styles or try things out.

Browsers will read extra.css after the others so that normal styles can be changed without changing the main stylesheet.

By default la.plume micro CMS has one theme titled 'White' and a second one: 'mobile' for mobile phones. Changing the theme completely is quite a big job even for a simple website if it is to resize properly on different devices. It may be better to start from scratch but requires an understanding of CCS3. A way to do this is to create a completely new stylesheet default.css to replace the existing one and then select it as described above. It is always possible to restore the original styles by selecting and updating back to white.css.

The various #ids and .classes in the page structure allow the layout and design to be almost anything. View this page with no styling at all »

More information about stylesheets (CSS3) at TutorialRepublic »