Known issues

The only issue I am aware of happens when:

(1) la.plume micro CMS is installed in a sub-folder, and

(2) WordPress is installed in the root folder with the plugin WP Fastest Cache installed and enabled, and

(3) I am logged out of the CMS, and

(4) I try to open the home page of la.plume micro CMS.

Navigating to the home page opens the home page of WordPress in the domain root. No other pages of the CMS are affected and I have no idea why this happens under those four conditions. I assume it's something to do with the filename index.php, the .htaccess files (which are both the same), and the way WP Fastest Cache operates but I don't really know. It is easily dealt with anyway by disabling that particular plugin.

This does not occur when the WordPress plugin WP Super Cache is used instead. It's a mystery. Apart from that, it doesn't matter.

Other issues affecting the functionality of la.plume micro CMS can be reported here. I don't guarantee to deal with them but I'm interested. I mean functionality, not matters of personal preference.



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