la.plume CMS installation

Version 11.4 from 9th January 2020.

la.plume micro CMS is for use with web hosting packages running APACHE web server and works best when .htaccess is supported and the mod_rewrite module is enabled. The CMS also requires PHP 5.2.0+. PHP is by far the most widely used scripting language for websites. Apache is the most popular web server.

Installation should take less than 2 minutes by following the simple instructions below. You will need an FTP client program to access your web server. FileZilla is free but there are many others. Can also be installed via cPanel.

Installation summary:

  • Download and unzip
  • Upload everything to server
  • Run install then setup

See also lost or forgotten password »

Installation in more detail

(1) Upload

Note. If you simply upload the laplume folder and everything inside it, your website will include /laplume/ in the site address. Normally you upload everything inside the folder to where you want it to run, not the folder itself.

Upload (FTP) everything inside* the download folder laplume to where you want the system to run. For example: or ('subfolder' can be anything you want).

Exclude contact.php if you don't want a contact page.

(2) Installation and Setup

Depending on where you installed the system, go to: or

You will need to setup passwords for (i) site 'admin' and also (ii) any password-protected pages you might create on your website. The same password will do for both but different ones are much better. Process passwords here or follow the instructions on the installation page. Don't forget the salt.

That's all there is to it.

*If you uploaded the whole of the download folder laplume - including the actual folder - into (say) the root folder, your installation will be located at: (site admin) (the site)

The 'admin' folder:

The admin folder can be renamed for security at any time:


If you renamed the 'admin' folder to something else, depending on where you installed the system, go to: or

Then submit setup.

Your server will normally require the following permissions:

Folders (directories) [ CHMOD 755 ]
Files [ CHMOD 644 ]

(0)755 is usually the directory default for web hosting services, and (0)644 for files - writable by you as owner. Directory and file permissions can be set in the File Manager of the website control panel (cPanel, Plesk etc).

The folders and files

The folders and files listed here are in the download folder laplume.

/error404.php (deleted)
/admin/ (folder)
    /admin/text/ (folder)
    index.php (new)
/css/ (folder)
/img/ (folder)
    /img/bg-footer.gif [option]
    /img/bg-footer.png [option]
    index.php (new)
/inc/ (folder)
    /inc/404.php (new)
    /inc/index.php (new)
    /inc/languages/ (folder)
    index.php (new)

Installation and setup generates the following additional files:


Include a visitor tracking script

The default file /inc/tracking.php is empty, but you can write your own visitor tracking script into the file.



I don't know if it's just me or if everybody else experiencing issues with your website. It looks like some of the text within your content are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them as well? This might be a problem with my internet browser because I've had this happen previously. Appreciate it

This is not an issue that has ever been reported and I can't think of a reason why it would happen. Most of the text is normal HTML paragraphs. I suppose it's possible that some of the code sections inside <pre> tags might run off if your browser font size is set large.

Hi there,
I'm using la.plume 4.2

When I create or edit post, I cannot input the symbol (back slash). I have to use the HTML code of & # 9 2 ;

Is 6.2 fixed it?

You are better using the HTML code for special characters but I will have a look at this for 6.2.

Hello! I like your CMS - is it possible to create subpages - e.g. - html guide 1, html guide 2, etc. and submenu elements? Regards! Kiril

Hello Kiril, and thanks.

I assume you mean a submenu that flies out when you put the cursor over a primary menu item. That is not possible without making the system much more complex. The menu is a single html list. What you could do instead is write a submenu at the top of 'html guide 1', html guide 2' etc. The markup would need to be all on the first line, with no line breaks.

Comments are not updated. What's wrong?

After adding a comment I get: "Comment submitted. Please note: comments are pre-moderated. Thank you."

I get an e-mail with the comment but in the admin the comments remain empty. Please help me.

Nothing is wrong. It's exactly as stated: comments are pre-moderated. You receive the email and decide whether or not to publish it with copy and paste then 'Update comments', just as you would publish the pages.


The file "stylesheet.css (CHMOD 666)" isn't in root folder, but in /cms/inc/ folder...

As I have an issue with server, I hope it's OK.

Nevertheless, thank you very much and Happy New Year!

Corrected, thanks. Happy New Year to you.


Now, I understand the issue...

Unfortunately, "" doesn't allow CHMOD 777 & 666 for free personal servers!

It's a pity!

Anyway, have a nice evening!

Tried it. Not to complicated to make it work and then works like charm! Very interesting approach to micro-cms, congratulations!

I'd like to take this chance to give some feedback too... It would make me less security concerned if content was separated from config/settings e.g. in different folders so security can be tightened more on settings and loosened on content. Some Web hosting servers I have encountered had different ideas how security shall work.

Thank you for sharing this solution, it is obvious that a lot of careful work was invested in this fine piece of web soft.


Thanks for your positive comments and the feedback - though I'm not sure what you mean re security. Content is separated from config/settings (different folders).

This is a pretty cool idea. Kudos

We're a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with valuable info to work on. You've done a formidable job and our entire community will be grateful to you. | Bill Z Walton

I love your CMS.
But i have a problem - / lists files instead of redirecting to
I tried to change htaccess, but without success.

Please advice
(same thing on local (wamp) and my host (arvixe))

I have just installed the system 'out of the box' on a test server and it seems fine.

There are two files, "htacess.txt" and "htacess-laplume.txt" in the root of the cms folder structure, and both files contain that line:

"# Edit and save this file as .htaccess before uploading"

I didn't find anything about it in "CMS installation", so what should I do with that?
Thank you!

Could you please explain in details how this CMS works with joining up (sticking) the domains "" and ""?

The two files "htaccess.txt" and "htaccess-laplume.txt" are illustrative only (see above) for when the .htaccess file is set up manually. Normal setup creates the .htaccess file automatically. I will make this clearer in the next release.

Regarding joining up the domains "" and "" I am not sure what you mean by "joined up". Normally you would use one or the other, not both, and .htaccess can be edited to redirect the unused one to the one that is used but it would have to be done manually. I don't think it's critical.

Thanks for answer!

As for domains I meant the search engine's attitude to the two variants of domain's writing: "" and "". I don't know the right English term for this process, but the essence is that the GOOGLE and other search services take these two form of domain's writing for two different sites. And as result, there may be some negative issues, such as taking one of the site's version for a duplicate(pinch) of itself but with another name (amazing!). That's why there must be a redirect rule for a search engine to regard these two variants of domain as one site (mirrors).

Excuse me my English, may be I'm explaining not clear enough... So, the main question is as follows:

Is the LaPlume CMS able to perform that operation with domains joining (junction), or should we make it manualy in the file .htaccess?

Thank you for your time!

I understand, and you are technically right. I don't think it matters much nowadays but if you want to be strictly correct then yes, you will have to do it manually in the .htaccess file... from www to non-www. or the other way round.

Ok, thank you. I shall do it, most likely...

Also, I have a question about "robots.txt". The LaPlume CMS doesn't create it, so, how do you think, should I create it manually, and how the file affects SEO efficiency?

As you say, la.plume does not generate robots.txt. The reason is because the system has no knowledge of other things that may be on the same website so to avoid any possible conflict it's better without. It is easy to create manually if you want one. Regarding SEO, I don't think it's important but again, that might depend on what else is on the same website.

Incidentally (re .htaccess) you can also redirect to so that when you go to the address of the site, it doesn't start with the folder "laplume".

This is grand!

One question.
Is it possible to create vvv,seo,com/friendly/url-page/address ?
With your little wonder?

Thanking you.

forgive my english im from earth.

Hello. They already are.

For example this page ( is friendly.

Note. The two files "htaccess.txt" and "htaccess-laplume.txt" (referred to above) no longer exist. The .htaccess file is now generated on setup.


It would be nice if la.plume supported markdown. Please consider adding it. I would love it!

hello patrick submit comments showing error

Hello, and thanks, but what kind of error? When a comment is submitted you should see the following text at the bottom of the page:

Comment submitted. Please note: comments are pre-moderated. Thank you.

Comments do not appear automatically. They are pre-moderated - you receive them by email then update comments in Admin. Other than that, maybe check the email address in setup? I received and added your comment so everything seems to be working.

If someone uses HTTPS, you can change the '/cms/admin/setup.php' file at top with something like this:

$http_s_ = ((isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && $_SERVER['HTTPS'] != 'off')?'https':'http').'://';

Now, search&replace all "http\:\/\/" and 'http\:\/\/' by $http_s_

This should do the trick.

LC (

@LC: many thanks,

@Patrick: I have an update, for that workaround, because I saw there were other small issues (like the link in footer area), so, for those who don't have time to search&replace all files, I made a bash script:

This script will simply search&replace all http\:// with single or double quotes. Just run this script inside the main directory of laplume.


It's my second day with this CMS and the only thing I miss is the comment functionality... Why don't put the comments in quarantine text file mode, one comment per line coded with base64_encode (so the new lines won't be a problem)... If you have a small website, the actual method won't be a problem, but if you get fifty (or more) comments per hour it will be a big problem... :/

LC (

Thanks again. I agree that large numbers of comments might be an issue but I think some kind of moderation procedure is essential to block spam and other nonsense. And security when allowing anyone to edit a text file. But worth further thought.

I have installed to a beta subdirectory of our society website to see if the rest of the committee are happy with the look and content of the website using la.plume. Now they are all happy I want to move the site from the beta directory to the root directory. Can I just copy all files on server from beta directory to root or is there further stages I need to complete?

Pete (

You can do it by copying all the files into the root directory and submitting setup again on: (assuming your admin directory is named admin)

... but probably a better way is to use the backup facility in admin and unzip everything onto your hard drive, backing up both the pages and images. Then install the system afresh in the root directory using the latest version 9.1. I would always recommend changing the name of the admin folder (for security), so the setup page would be:

Enter the settings as they were on your beta install then submit setup.

When you have the new install running to your satisfaction you can upload the files from your backup into the corresponding folders of the root install. Then in admin, update each page so that the menu file 'inmenu.txt' is updated (or just copy over 'inmenu.txt).

If you have edited the stylesheet you can paste it in to update styles in admin. The same with extra-content.php if you have added content to the extra div. Finally you will need to edit any internal links on your pages to remove the 'beta' directory from the path. That should be it. The main thing is to always make sure you have everything backed up.

(Comment edited for Version 10.0, 5th Dec 2014)

thank you, very useful script

Hi Patrick

The htaccess file is missing from the rewrite folder in your latest laplume download. When I run install.php I get the message: Error. ./rewrite/.htaccess | missing in admin. Check you have all the files in the latest version of la.plume Micro CMS.

I've downloaded again but it's not there. I'm probably missing something obvious but would appreciate your advice. Thank you.


Hi Mike.

Strange. I've just downloaded the files with 'Get the files (ZIP)' and the .htaccess file is there.

Is it possible to not be forced to use salt and hash passwords? I know it's less secure, but I would prefer to use a standard password system. (BTW thanks for creating la.plume.)

Thanks for the comment. It is possible but would require a fair amount of rescripting. As it is, once you have set the password up you only use a normal password to access admin.

Understood, and thank you for the quick response!

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