How it works


Install checks the [salted and hashed] passwords and 'salt' and attempts to write the following 'writable' files from text files in the admin folder:


and if they already exist, overwrites:


If everything is correct, install takes place with a link to admin setup.


Setup writes a settings file with PHP constants (version 11.2 example):

define('LOCATION', '');
define('ADMIN', 'admin');
define('APACHE', TRUE);
define('WINDOWS', FALSE);
define('OPSYS', 'LINUX');
define('HOME_LINK', 'Micro CMS Home');
define('NAME', 'Patrick Taylor');
define('COMMENTS', FALSE);
define('SEARCH', TRUE);
define('EMAIL', '');
define('SHORT_NAME', 'Patrick');
define('BANNER_TEXT', '');
define('CONTACT_TEXT', 'To get in touch ... etc.');
define('CONTACT_MENU', 'Contact');
define('LANG_ATTR', 'en');
define('VERSION', '11.1');

When a page is created, two files are created: page.php and page.txt. page.php includes page.class.php, a class template which includes:

page.txt (the content of the page)
top.php (contains <head></head><body>)

The top of the template defines a PHP constant INC, the 'absolute' path to the folder containing the PHP files listed above.

error-reporting.php checks that all the required files exist then loads settings.php and functions.php. The PHP constants in settings.php are then available to every other file.

page.class.php also runs the page content and comments through the function that formats text into HTML paragraphs.

Standard texts

/inc/languages/ contains language files with further PHP constants which define the default text presented in forms and other standard messages to users. They can be edited, and three other languages can be selected (German, Spanish or French) in setup. The rest of the language options only set the HTML language attribute in the <head> of the pages.


Testing the comments feature.

Is there a name field or url field I'm missing somewhere?

No there isn't. No date either. Just simple. If someone wants to add their name they can put it in the comment box.


I'v installed the CMS to a test server in the folder /laplume, but when I go to the address of the site, it doesn't start, just the folder "laplume" is shown and the CMS can be started only after clicking the link "laplume". Is it normal?

My test installation:

Thank you!

You have installed the system in a subfolder called 'laplume' and that option is fine. I can see that it works. That is why you only see the folder on - the system is installed at

It means you can use the main domain for something else. If you want to install la.plume on (so that you see the website, not just a folder) then install everything inside the 'laplume' folder but not the actual folder itself.

You can install la.plume on the main domain or in the subfolder - or both if you want. It depends on whether you upload the whole folder 'la.plume' or only its contents.

Wow it's amazing :-)

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