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la.plume micro CMS

For version 11.4 (from January 2020).


There doesn't seem to be any way to log out from the admin page.

True, there isn't, but there is no need to [but see below].

Patrick, this little CMS is excellent, thank you for making it open source.

It might be worth changing the linking to an 'internal' page example you give above:

<a href="/my-page">my link text</a>


<a href="./my-page">my link text</a>

and pointing out that any preceeding hyphen for 'non-menu' pages is required...

<a href="./-my-hidden-page">my link text</a>



That's an interesting comment. Thanks Paul. I assume you are suggesting the leading dot to take account of when the CMS is installed in a subfolder.

Yes, I usually test in subdirectories to keep things tidy and avoid mixing things up!

Now possible to logout from admin (as from 6th January 2013).

Hey, I've surely got to state, I really like your website. The colours, the format, the entire theme, they all move perfectly together. Anyhow, that is all I truly had to declare.

How do I reset my password?

Repeat step (2) of the installation, uploading password.php again.

Comments are not working on my installation. The comments file stays always empty.

Comments do not appear automatically with the comment form. They should come in an email. Then enter approved comments in admin with 'Edit Comments'.

Are you serious?

Yes. Moderation prevents spam and meaningless 'test' comments.

How do you set the password for password-protected pages? It is obviously not the admin password but I can't find in the documentation where you set the password?

It's exactly the same process as setting up the admin password except you do it with file /cms/inc/password.php instead of the admin folder version. You can set the same password as admin or a different one. Either way, this password has to be entered each time a password protected page is viewed (unlike admin where you login and can stay logged in).

Once you have set the password up for password-protected pages you protect a page by entering a tilde symbol ~ anywhere in the banner text.

I'll try to clarify this on here somewhere.

hello patrick how make new theme

Hello rafi. You need to create a new CSS stylesheet (for the new theme). Paste it over 'Current styles' in page admin then 'Update styles'. It becomes the .css file named stylesheet.css that controls the look of the website.

Dear Patrick,

This just has to be the most elegant and easy to use website script ever.

Marc (Jameson)

That's encouraging! Thanks Marc.

Sent from Luigi

Hello, very nice piece of software! I was able to install a crud script ( in Extra. I miss the possibility to have user registration and login, then this could become a serious concurrent of more popular framework that are very heavy and complicated to manage.

Thanks. I know what you mean. Non-admin user logins (with access to admin) would make things much more complicated.

Yes, it could become complicate. Perhaps there is an easy variant. Allow user registration (with usual mysql and NO admin access) and then let them have access to some additional pages normally hided. In these pages they perform some crud operation that reflect on public pages. If the license permit it I'll try to modify it.

Try it by all means. I've got no plans for it myself as long as it keeps working as it is.

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