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December 26th, 2019

About la.plume micro CMS

This smart little textfile-based Micro CMS is was finished, at least in the public domain. I never knew who used it because hardly anybody sent any feedback, and that’s since 2008 and over 19,000 downloads. I have now resurrected the CMS but on this website, not mini-print.com (which no longer exists).

  1. Posted by Rick Seibel

    Hi Patrick,

    I set up la.plume for each of my sons some time ago. One is finally ready to use it but I see now it is mostly gone. Is there anyplace the help file(s) might be available? Without it I am reluctant to tell my son to use it.


  2. Posted by Patrick

    Hi Rick. I am in the process of setting it up again here »


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