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A lightweight CMS

I have just updated the micro CMS I've been developing on-and-off since 2008. It started out as le.cms and was very simple indeed. I put the files online for anybody to download and install themselves and a few people did. A couple of years later I developed it into the much more comprehensive la.plume micro CMS and which was downloaded nearly 20,000 times between 2011 and 2019 when I abandoned the system (not because there was anything wrong with it but because of the time involved).

I then began receiving emails from users who wanted to know why I dropped it. So I reinstated the micro CMS having gone through the whole system and developed it a bit more. A lot more in fact. I have renamed the system superMicro CMS and put it on its own domain It is now publicly available again.

I used la.plume micro CMS for this website but switched over to WordPress when I dropped it, but I've now switched back again. Both la.plume micro CMS and superMicro CMS are reliable and very simple to use. The defining feature is that each page has its own text file instead of all the content being in a database (as it is with WordPress). Each of those text files is a separately accessible document that can be downloaded and printed as a physical document. Of course any WordPress page can be printed out but it comes from a database, not actual files.

August 2020 update: a new 'mini' theme introduced to try to make it as simple and easy as possible for anyone to make a simple website with hardly any knowledge of HTML.

The updated 'Micro Micro CMS' superMicro CMS can be downloaded here »

Snippets »

Page last modified: 02 August, 2020