Francis and Sandra

Camping Les Périères, Sarlat, 1995

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This was good – Francis and Sandra, Camping Les Périères, Sarlat, 1995

More happy days. Places change however.

The camp site is no longer Camping Les Périères. It is Camping Huttopia. We had several French camping holidays there during the 1990s. Me and Sandra went back for a couple of nights one October around 2012. We felt quite sad actually. Hardly anyone else was there and it was hard to reconcile with how it was for us all almost twenty years earlier when this picture was taken. It can be a mistake to go back to places from years before if it alters the memory.

The chap who ran the camp site then wasn't there. He had probably gone for good and left it to his wife to make the best of it. They never seemed happy together all the times we'd been there before but we recognised his wife, still running it. She didn't recognise us. And she seemed sad about things. Maybe October is generally sad. November however is worse.

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