At Ronnie and Margaret's farm

About 1958/59

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At Ronnie and Margaret's farm

Ronnie and Margaret Smith were my uncle and aunt, Margaret being one of my father's sisters. They had a farm near Inglewhite in Lancashire until they sold up and moved to Eccleston to run the local Post Office. I went to stay at the farm a few times and my parents took us there on family visits. It was fun for me but I know that running a farm can be a very hard life.

Once, when I was cycling in Wensleydale, I turned up a track and came to a farm yard and stopped to admire the countryside. The farmer was there on a trailer pitching hay. I said how beautiful it was. His response: "Yeah sure. Try making a fucking living off it."

Anyway in the picture, left to right: Me, Sally, John and Ann Smith (cousins), Anthony (my brother), Michèle (my sister), Martin (my other brother).

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