Rob on the Snowdon Horseshoe

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Rob (Robert) is one of our sons.

The year: 1993. It was Snowdon then but now it's the Welsh name: Yr Wyddfa. I am not sure where I took the photo but Crib Goch is in the background. Crib Gogh is still Crib Goch as far as I know. Some popular footpaths up Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) are visible down below. The Pyg Track is snaking across the middle and the lower one, visible right at the bottom, is the Miners' Track.

When it was Snowdon I walked up it perhaps five times. Crib Goch = 0 times and I never will now. Too dizzy, too scared (and nobody try to persuade me please). Robert has been up both Snowdon and Yr Wyddfa many many times (including cycling) and 'accomplished' Crib Gogh at least 20 times, including running along it in 'Sky Races' and other events. My father Ken took Duke of Edinburgh parties along Crib Goch and my brother Anthony, a teacher, took parties of school children along, all in their wellies (those days are gone).

Watch Rob on YouTube doing the Snowdon Horseshoe on a lovely Sunday when there was literally no-one else there apart from his friend.

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