Dealey Plaza cam

The webcam (live cam or whatever they are called) in Oswald’s sixth-floor window at the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas is online here. It might actually be in the window above because the cam seems to show a parapet below the sill.

Screenshot from the Dealey Plaza cam
(November 2019)

There isn’t long to wait before someone walks onto Elm Street and stands on the white cross painted where Kennedy was shot in 1963. In the screenshot a male figure is doing just that, at around 12.30 pm – more or less the same time of day and the same time of year as the assassination nearly sixty years ago. I can just about understand why people do this but it still seems peculiar, especially if they weren’t even born at the time. The car was moving anyway, and there were several shots, so the position of the cross is only an approximation.

Years after, I suggested to my father it’s not actually where Kennedy was shot, because the Earth is moving. He said it might as well be because everything is relative (not that he was particularly interested).

Oswald window seen from Elm Street supposedly ten minutes after the shooting

(I was at my girlfriend’s house with her and her mother)