Patrick Taylor

Batter and batters is bats

A letter to Marylebone Cricket Club
otherwise known as the MCC

I do not follow Cricket because I am not interested in it but I regard the game as an important part of British culture – so to that extent I am interested.

This is to express profound disgust at the MCC Committee's decision to change the laws of Cricket and re-designate "batsmen" as "batters." Obviously women cricket players have every right to be recognised as the equal of men in the modern game. But "batter" is a ludicrous term. Of course there are "bowlers" but that is the word for someone who bowls. It is not a reason to sanction the ridiculous term "batters" when "batsmen" have always existed in the game of Cricket. Perhaps you can explain to me why "batswomen" would not be perfectly suitable for women cricket players. Or do women cricket players not even like to be referred to as "women"? Ask whether we should re-designate Kings and Queens as "Throners" (or something similar nice and 'neutral').

The gender neutrality you favour appears to require the complete elimination of words that signify one gender or the other. MCC should have taken a stand rather than grovel to political correctness. But you are weak. I am even less interested now.

Yours sincerely,


Sent by post on 23rd September 2021 for the attention of Derek Brewer (top man) or Jamie Cox, Assistant Secretary (Cricket and Operations).

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