Patrick Taylor

Currys Virtual Assistant

"In conversation"

Currys Virtual Assistant: Hey, I'm the Currys Virtual Assistant. I'm here to help with your customer service queries. How can I help you today?

Me: How do I return a faulty product under warranty?

Currys Virtual Assistant: I've found the following information, which I think is what you are looking for? How do I return or exchange a product?

Me: How do I return or exchange a product?

Currys Virtual Assistant: It seems you would like to return or exchange your item. Have you already received your item? Yes / No

Me: Yes.

Currys Virtual Assistant: For purchases made between 29th October and 24th December 2020, you can return these up until close of business on 14th January 2021. Your product must be returned in its original unopened and sealed packaging, together with the receipt or another proof of purchase. Are you wanting to return the item due to a fault? Yes / No

Me: Yes.

Currys Virtual Assistant: It seems you've an item that's developed a fault. Please select the option which best describes the faulty item: [ blah ] Is your item less than 30 days old? Yes / No/Not sure

Me: No/Not sure

Currys Virtual Assistant: We're sorry your item has become faulty, to chat with a colleague click here. Our online webchat is available: [ blah ] Do note there might be longer waiting times than normal, but we want you to know that we will do everything we can to help. Please choose from the options below: [ blah ]

Me: Repairs.

Currys Virtual Assistant: I will now transfer you to an agent. You are now being transferred to a live agent. We are so sorry, there is currently a queue for webchat. Your current position in queue is 12. We will be with you as quickly as possible.

[ half an hour goes by ]

Agent Name enters chat. Good afternoon, how can I help you?

Me: Hello. How do I return a faulty item under warranty? I have the receipt. It was purchased 29 Nov 2019 and is a vacuum cleaner. Apparently it has to be returned to a store because they are not repaired but replaced, but the store is closed.

Agent Name: Is this store purchase order?

Me: Don't understand the question. It is a receipt. Sales receipt. [ time passes ] Are you there? [ time passes ] Nothing happening here. Is anybody there please?

[ time passes ]

Agent Name: Is this store purchase order? Kindly confirm without proper information we can't suggest you.

Me: What information? It is a sales receipt. What are you asking? I have already explained it is a faulty item under warranty. How do I return it when the store is closed?

[ time passes ]

Agent Name: I'm sorry in web chat we authorize to check the on line order only. I would request you to please visit store for store purchase concern for further support. Please call on 0344 561 1234 and speak to our Customer service team. They can assist you further with this, I hope you get this sorted as soon as possible! Please choose option 3 then 4 to speak to our Customer Service team. They're open until 8pm and will be able to assist with your enquiry.

Me: This is a waste of time. [ time passes ] It was purchased online. [ more time passes ] I will be making a complaint about this. I am asking for information and you are giving me none.

Agent Name: Could you please shared the order number, full name, postal code with address, email id and telephone number for better help for you.

Me: [ details entered ] Anything else?

Agent Name: Thanks for sharing the details Patrick and I'd be more than happy to check this for you, one moment please.

Me: I want to know how to return something to store when store is closed.

[ a lot of time passes ]

Agent Name: Thank you for waiting! I'd be happy to help you with this. Kindly visit below mentioned store for return. [ blah Currys PC World 1.3 miles away, opening hours etc ]

Me: Do you not understand that the store is closed because of Covid 19? I have told you - the store is CLOSED.

Agent Name: Our stores are open that's way I give you the information. Kindly visit store for return.

Me: The store is closed. Drive and collect only. IT IS CLOSED.

Agent is typing... I'm sorry our stores are open and for more clarification please call on 0344 561 1234 and speak to our Customer service team. They can assist you further with this, I hope you get this sorted as soon as possible!

The store was closed. The Customer service number menu automatically recommended the Virtual Assistant. Different menu resulted in a pre-recorded voice advising returning the item to a store, all of which are closed. It was as if Agent Name was an automated voice system. Either way, 'he' or 'it' was completely useless. Currys does not even seem to have a functioning complaints system so I wrote a physical letter to their head office in Sheffield. I am not expecting a response. No wonder Amazon is taking over the world.

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