The (un)reason for Brexit

October 2019

Don’t try confusing me with so-called ‘facts’. I don’t need facts, I just want to leave the EU. What I don’t want is Londoners telling me I don’t understand it. They should try coming up here and see the boarded-up shops, no proper jobs, our own fish gets stolen by foreigners and all the rest of it. They won’t come because they never think about anywhere except London and their property values going up. The rest of the country might as well not exist as far as they’re concerned. North of Watford, forget it. What has the UE done for us? Nothing. All they do is make rules for everybody else – not our laws, their laws in our country – it’s ridiculous. And to think we saved them in the Second World War, and now they’re telling us what laws we should have. Not just laws either. Anybody can come and take council houses when genuine British people are on the street – and jobs. I know we need waitresses and fruit pickers and nurses but they come here and do nothing, a lot of them. Like they’ve a God-given right to it, which they have under the EU.

So I voted Leave. I do not want Turks and Bulgarians coming over in vast numbers pinching jobs on low wages or selling drugs or whatever. They can do it in their own country but not here. I’m totally against it, this UE, and we should leave now. Have done with it. It’s only Boris who’ll do anything. May tried to get her deal through which nobody wanted because it was useless. We need trade deals and WTO rules, that’s it. We’re a great country and we don’t need the EU saying we’re a just small nation, saying what we’re allowed to have and not have. Barnier and the rest in Brussels should have some respect, especially the French who we actually saved. Where would Macron be without Britain?

It’s not as if we didn’t vote for it. Brexit won. Then London decided they didn’t want it. They didn’t decide – they never wanted it in the first place, even Cameron who lied. Parliament says have a vote on it and let the people decide then they ignore it just because of Labour. Take Corbyn for example. Jeremy Corbyn on his allotment thinks he knows what’s best for the people of Britain and he’s never even been elected. The number of votes they had in Parliament and got nowhere. So they had to get Johnson in. At least Johnson knows what the people want and he’ll do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always voted Labour in the past but not after this. It’s time the politicians got their act together and stopped trying to reverse the democratic decision, end of. Which is why we voted Tory this time – get the job done. Not just that but to save democracy.

As far as Ireland and Scotland is concerned it’s up to them what they do. If they want to leave the UK then fair play to them. Like I said, it’s called actual democracy. Mind you, they’ll soon come back when they realise. They’ll be knocking on our door in no time, wanting to come back in just like the French did after the war and Dunkirk. They should learn about history, that’s all I can say. Anyway now Johnson’s in, he’ll get it sorted, the whole thing about Britain and the EU. Get the job done he says, and I for one believe him.